The next EDCUG meeting
will be held at the
Placerville Seventh Day Adventist Church
  on November 6, 2017


Early Session - Windows 10 Settings Panel:  Last session we reviewed the the last category Updates and Security. Since we completed all the categories from the April 1703 creator version of Windows 10 the Fall Creator 1709 has been released and added two more categories. We will review these new categories and should be caught up until April or May of 2018 when the 1803 version of Windows 10 will be released.

One category is Phone. This Phone category will let you link your Windows 10 desktop/laptop/tablet with Android, iPhone, Windows mobile devices. By linking them you could start a word document on your home computer and then transition to your mobile device and complete the document that will be waiting for you.

The other new category is more of a reorganization of Cortana. The new Cortana category centralizes the management of Cortana's settings, permissions, notifications, and history in it own category.

THE MEETING:  Annual Dues, 2018 Program Planning, Window Pains

Windows 10 Fall Creator version was released on October 17th. You can look at these online reviews to see what is new, improved, or even what might have been removed. Digitaltrends  Techadviser  Video.

If your computer hasn't updated to version 1709 yet, you can go to Windows 10 Update History to see the current versions available and link to the most current version in the Microsoft Update Catalog where you can download the update to your desktop or a memory stick and force the update. This is a good solution when you have two or more PCs to update.

If you just have one PC, go to the Microsoft software download page and click on UPDATE NOW.

Main Program - Xmas and Technology
What's new, current, trending, pricey, affordable in technology? If you were thinking of buying or building a new computer, or just upgrading the one you have, what are your options and budget?

We will review the latest CPUs, memory, storage, graphics cards, and prices.

Maybe you are looking for a gadget for yourself or a gift for someone else. We will look at some of the smart devices trending in the market. Are you ready for a smart watch? Smart speakers? Smart thermostat? Smart doorbell? Smart oven thermometer? These are some of the gadgets we will review.

If you are curious about a particular gadget or technology, email me at


Dave Leippe

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