The next EDCUG meeting
will be held at the
Placerville Seventh Day Adventist Church
 on June 5, 2017

Early Session - Windows 10 Settings Panel:  Last session we compared some of the utilities that are built into Windows 10 versus popular third party utilities. The Windows 10 utilities are improving but generally not advanced enough yet to handle some of the new computer setup processes.

Microsoft has duplicated many of the settings found in the Control Panel and moved them to a new application called Settings. In general, the Settings have been redesigned for touchscreen devices. The Control Panel settings still exist and have more options and advanced features. Settings offers fewer choices, but include a link to the more advanced choices in the Control Panel.

There are some instances where certain settings are only available in Settings or only available in the Control Panel. Windows 10 has several ways to access Settings. Windows 10 uses Settings, All Settings, and PC Settings to link to the Settings menus. There are dozens of ways to access the more than 200 different settings in Windows 10.

We will review the Settings Menu Categories and begin to explore the settings pages.

THE MEETING - Annual Dues, 2017 Program Planning, Windows Pains.

Main Program - Windows 10 Security Center is a new page in the Update & Security category of Settings. The Security Center is one of the changes or additions found in the Creator version of Windows 10. We will learn how to navigate to the new Security Center. There are five pages or modules that will help manage security scans, reports, the firewall, and other security related features of a Windows 10 PC.


Dave Leippe

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