The next EDCUG meeting
will be held at the
Placerville Seventh Day Adventist Church
 on April 3, 2017

Early Session - 3rd Party Utilities:  During the life of a Windows PC we have the need for utilities for various system functions.

New PCs have trialware, bloatware, and nagware. There are utilities that can be used to remove these extra programs.

New computers are not partitioned to be as secure and efficient as they could be. There are utilities that help repartition the hard drive and make backup copies of your computer.

After a short period of use your PC will become fragmented, and accumulate temp files, web cache, cookies, installer programs, and duplicates. There are utilities that will defragment your partitions, cleaning out temp files and other unnecessary files.

We will review some of the better free utilities you can use to optimize your PC.

Main Program - Windows 10 Creator Version:  The current Windows 10 is known as the Anniversary version which was released in July of 2016.

The Creator version of Windows 10 will start rolling out April 11th. There are many new features and improvements to old features. The list of changes goes on for two pages. We will preview the most interesting examples and discuss how you can manage to expedite the update. Be prepared for future possible slowdowns while Microsoft is downloading and modifying your system.

The update process is supposed to be one of the areas that Microsoft has been working on to improve the experience and update reliability. If you have a stalled or hung installation you can override the Microsoft remote automatic update process. You can download the ISO file to make a bootable DVD, USB device, or just upgrade directly from the ISO file by using the Windows Stand Alone Installer.


Dave Leippe

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