The next EDCUG meeting
will be held at the
Placerville Seventh Day Adventist Church
  on June 4, 2018

The Early Session
is about Personalization. We will review and demonstrate how you can change your desktop screen resolution and text size and how to choose which system icons appear on your desktop.

We will review Folder icons, Taskbar Icons, and Notification area Icons.

We will demonstrate how you can modify mouse, keyboard, and cursor settings. Also if you are customizing a laptop, you have the option to disable the touchpad when you have an external mouse.

We will review and demonstrate the use of hotkey shortcuts to select items. We will look at Windows 10's option to use check boxes for selecting.

Time permitting, there will be a short program with a brief introduction to the latest changes to Windows 10 in the 1803 version. There are a couple of new features, some fluff, and one take-away.

The Main Program will be the first part of a two-part progam regarding smartphones. The first part will be an introduction to mobile phones with emphasis on Android smartphones. The second part will go inside and review Android settings and apps.

Reminder: The July meeting will be Monday, July 2nd.


Dave Leippe

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