The next EDCUG meeting
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 on October 2, 2017

Early Session - Windows 10 Settings Panel:  Last session we reviewed the Accounts, Time and Language, Gaming, and Ease of Access categories.  This will be the final session and we will review the last category Updates and Security. We have previously reviewed the Windows Defender subcategory. This session we will review the remaining subcategories.

There is a search window on the categories home page and at the top of each category page.  If you know the setting you would like to change but don't know which category to search, just start typing the setting in the search window. This window is like Google but limited to the content of your PC.

As a reminder, you can also create the God Mode Folder to bring up an alphabetical list of all known settings in one convenient list.  In order to create the God Mode Folder, create a new folder and name it:


THE MEETING:  Annual Dues, 2018 Program Planning, Window Pains

Windows 10 Fall Creator version due out October 17th.

            Video (22min)

Windows 10 Update History

Microsoft Update Catalog


Main Program - File Version History.
Occasionally you might create a file, and after several updates you reach a point where you wish you had gone in a different direction several updates ago.  You always have the basic option of renaming your file after each update.  This will keep the original file and add files after each update.

Windows 7 and newer Windows have a built-in feature that would save different file versions automatically.  The automatic part does require users to make settings changes to activate the version history process. We will review the settings in Windows 7 and Windows 10, and other alternatives that you might already be using.


Dave Leippe

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