The Esteemed Leadership

The first officers (1990) of the EDCUG were: Doc King, president; his lovely wife Nita as treasurer; Beverly Hoss, secretary; and Ron Fong finishing the slate as vice president.

1991 found leadership in Tony Carter as president, Ron Fong in a second term as vice president, and Ken Funk in the dual office of secretary/treasurer.

The too young to vote, but not too young to hold office, Jeremy Smith was elected to be the president for 1992. Tony remained in office for another year, this time as vice president while Bill Mullins agreed to serve in the office of secretary/treasurer.

Glen R. Campbell served as president in 1993 while Gary Hoss became vice president and old Mullins remained secretary/treasurer.

1994 saw Glen in his second term as president and Mike Smith as vice president while Bill "Monday night football" Mullins was coerced into the secretary/treasurer job for the third time.

For a third term, Glen served as president in 1995 while Mike repeated the vice presidential spot. Due to the increasing complexities of the secretary and treasurer jobs, and the willingness of people to serve, these positions were filled by two; Fred Medlong and Gary Hoss, respectively.

Tony Carter, the 1991 EDCUG president, repeated that position in 1996 as Fred and Gary continued their respective jobs and Bob Mullins served as vice president.

Certainly the best looking president to date, George Buttles was elected to that office for 1997. Karl Heinz Kekow became vice president as Mike Smith moved to secretary and Tony Carter was promoted to treasurer.
In late 1998, Bob Brown was elected to replace the 'the good looking' George and lead the group through 1999. Vince Warde became VP, with Joe Canevaro taking over as secretary and Tony remaining as treasurer. During the year, 'the good looking George Buttles totally mangled and deformed his right arm while riding his 'bike'. After many pins, much pain, plus a lot of surgery and suffering, George has recovered most of the use of his hand, but he can never be referred to again as "the best looking president". 1998 also saw the group' meeting move from Barry Waldron's house on Country Club Drive to his new place on Miller Way.

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