First Osborne Group

FOG, an international user's group, formed to support users of the Osborne personal computer manufactured by a company founded by Adam Osborne.

A few short years after the introduction of the IBM PC in August of 1981, most of the pioneering microcomputer First Osborne Group Coffee Mugcompanies found themselves unable to compete with Big Blue. As the companies collapsed, so did the user groups. Fog tried to remain solvent by offering support for the Osbornes, Morrows, Commodores, Tandy TRS-80s, and others that used the common CP/M (Control Program Microcomputer) operating system and by providing an extensive shareware program library for the transition to the IBM.

This multi-platform cross section of the FOG membership accounts for the diverse background of the early EDCUG members. FOG eventually died in the late 1980s.

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