Darol A. "Bud" Townsend
(October 25, 1929 - August 24, 1991)

In 1987, Bud sold his business and moved to Pollock Pines with his wife and disabled son where he bought a piece of property with two houses and a steel commercial structure. It was in this building that the EDCUG was born.

While in Oakland, Bud was involved in the formation of FOG and provided an early meeting place for this organization at his factory. After moving to the foothills, Bud obtained a list of FOG members located in certain ZIP code areas of the western slope of El Dorado County. He used snail-mail and Pac-Bell to contact all on the list and organized the first meeting held in August of 1988. During the first year of this informal group, Bud led the discussion, provided many programs, obtained a copy of both the CP/M and DOS shareware libraries from FOG, and led the group by the hand in general.

On August 24, 1991, Bud passed away after a lingering illness. As Tony put it in the newsletter, "I won't get flowery, but we DO appreciate you Bud, and your presence will be sorely missed". Bud was truly the founder of and the glue that held this group together. Bud, you are missed but not forgotten.

"In snooping through the messages on the BBS, I was sorry to hear that Bud had passed away. Even though I have not been a member for very long, and did not know Bud well, I do realize what an important part he has played in the establishment of the computer users group, and that he was a friend to many and will be sorely missed.... my condolences to his family and friends. What else can one say? At times like this, words are just that. Hopefully you all have people who will help you through this time and I wish all of you the best."

-Bob Brown

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