The 24K Newsletter History

The first newsletter was edited by Mary Porter as discovered by Fred "never-throws-anything-away" Medlong. The first issue appeared in July, 1989.

After a short lapse, Ron Fong volunteered to resume publication with the November 1990 issue. Ron invented the name, "24K News", a play on words -- "24" karat gold, the gold country; "K", the metric prefix kilo (times 1000) commonly used in computers (times 1024).

24K News graphicStarting in August, 1991, Glen R. Campbell (the one that can't carry a tune in a bucket) assumed the editorship of 24K News. Jeremy Smith acted as a guest editor, in the absence of Glen, for the September 1992 edition.

Although it appears that Barry Waldron started publishing the newsletter, as an assistant editor (to Glen), with the November 1992 issue, he did not become the official editor until the January 1993 edition which was mis-dated as December 1992; there were two December 1992 editions.

December 1993 saw the 24K News become the official publication of both the Placerville/Cameron Park PCUG and the El Dorado Computer User's Group. Since Barry, a member of both groups, was forced to edit both newsletters .... well, you get the idea. This continued until the fall of 1995 when publication was suspended do to a lack of ideas, content input, who knows?

What began, innocently enough, as a one month temporary hiatus in April 1994, turned into an eight month publication suspension as Barry's attention turned to more pressing personal and business obligations. Since no one else stepped forward during this time, the 24K News was revived with the December issue under Barry's capable hands. Barry continued the publication until the latter part of 1995.

Several years lapsed without the 24K News being published. Finally in January of 1998 an electronic version of the 24K News was born under the capable hands of George Buttles. The Newsletter is now disturbed by e-mail as well as being posted monthly on the Club web site.

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